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This webite will provide you with an overview of Deakin Optometry's Clinical Residential Placement Program, what it means to become a clinical supervisor, the benefits to you and what our students are capable of. The program will strengthen your involvement in our great profession and ensure the future of sustainable eye care in Australia.

All of our students have worked very hard to reach this final stage of their studies and upon commencing placements they really are optometrists-in-training. The key to each residential placement is immersion in the world of real-life, day-to-day optometry. This naturally includes activities both inside and outside of the consulting room.

This is your chance to guide the future generation of optometrists in what you see are the most important lessons. Register your Interest now!

Thank you,

Professor Alex Gentle PGCertOcTher Melbourne, PhD Wales, FCOptom FACO, FAAO
Chair in Vision Science and Director of Optometric Pre-Clinical Studies
Deakin University

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